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Volume Guide

What is the cubic meter unit?

One cubic meter is one meter in length, one-meter height and one meter in depth

For example
If truck box length 6M, Width2.4M and Height 2.4M,So,Truck box total cubic meter(CBM) is 34.56CBM.


  • Normal 1 bed room house lot – 10CBM to 15CBM
  • Normal 2 bed room house lot – 20CBM to 25CBM
  • Normal 3 bed room house lot – 30CBM to 35CBM
  • Normal 4 bed room house lot – 35CBM to 45cbm

FCL- full container load

  • 20FT general use container- 33 cubic meters capacity
  • 20FT high cubic container- 38 cubic meters capacity
  • 40FT general use container- 67 cubic capacity
  • 40FT high cubic container – 77 cubic capacity
  • Up to small 3 bed room house – 20FT general use container big enough
  • Big 3 bed room to small 4 bed room – 20FT high cubic big enough
  • 4 bed rooms + – 40FT container a

LCL – less than container load

If you have single item to couple of items ,few boxes or small house hold loads,this option is the best cost effective way to deliver it but this option transit time is bit longer than FCL option.

FCL -Full container load

If you are moving interstate with whole house hold stuff, you need full container for that. sole container is for your job.

For local delivery and within Queensland jobs we always use trucks and for interstate jobs we use shipping containers as we can give you the best price.

Insurance option and transit time

What is the cubic meter unit?

We quote you owners risk option but we can arrange full comprehensive insurance for discounted rate. insurance cost depend on value of goods and transit time.

Most of time we can do same day job(loading, traveling and unloading) for the long distance jobs withing north Island.

Transit time from Auckland to Christchurch is normally take 3 to 7 days.

How moving process work?
  • After you contact us, we will issue you quotation.
  • We will give you fix price after that.
  • If you accept our quote, we can book you in to our system
  • Normally we start 9am.but it is depend on you.
  • If you have full tuck load or full container load, we only use container or truck for the only your job.
  • For local jobs and long distance job withing north island,we always use trucks.
  • For interisland we use shipping containers.

Removalists Packing tips

Here are some removalist packaging tips that will help ensure that your belongings have a safe journey…

  • Boxes containing fragile items should packed into a boxes lined with crushed paper to depth of 5 centimeters to create a layer of cushioning. Repeat this at the top of each carton.
  • All empty spaces should be filled with crushed paper to avoid unnecessary movement.
  • Always place heavy items on the bottom with the lightest items at the top.
  • Plates should be wrapped individually, then wrapped in bundles of six.
  • 5When placing bundles into cartons try keeping all of the items vertical, because the long side of the carton is it’s strongest side.
  • Pack similar items together, avoid packing/contact between glassware and china etc.
  • Antiques and valuables should ideally be bubble wrapped.
  • Pack books into cardboard cartons, sorting books first by size will help reduce space and packing time.
  • Disassemble all beds, swings, trampolines and other such items.
  • Defrost your fridge and any freezers and have them dry and ready for collection.
  • Have all electrical appliances Unplugged with their leads secured.
  • Place small items in a centralised location, such as the carport or living area.
  • Bundling garden tools, mops and brooms help to minimize the time and cost by lowering the number of journeys the men will need to make the move.
  • If there are items that are not going to be moved, these should be separated to leave a clear path and to avoid any possible confusion on removal day.
  • The boxes of packaged items should be clearly marked with a room name and contents type.
  • Have boxes of loose items packed and stacked, ready for a fast low cost removal job.
  • We recommend trying our pre-inspection packaging kit estimate, where we provide you with the required amount of removalists grade packaging materials and moving boxes that will make your packing job a breeze.

Ecomovers and shipping

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